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Who am I, well I have set out on my own journey to be able to support others in their quest for self discovery or rediscovery to enable people to be empowered to be their true self without judgement. My belief is that person centred counselling enables a client to have their own time carved out (this is our sessions together) to be able to explore what is truely going on for them, either in day to day life or previous life experiences. By having this time to explore their feelings, experiences and life fully it can help uncover their true potential and true self. 


Get to Know Me

I set up my counselling practice to be able to provide a long term space for clients to explore themselves and their barriers in life, within a safe trusting counselling relationship. Through my volunteering I have experienced how crucial it is for people to have a relationship with their counsellor in which they do not feel judged, but where they feel safe and secure in being them and saying what is on their mind. Due to previous experiences this relationship can take a while to build due to trust issues or never having unconditional care from others. Therefore by providing unlimited sessions a client doesn't have to end the counselling relationship just when they feel ready to explore deep dark places they have always feared to explore before. 



To provide a safe, secure base for people to be able to explore and reconnect with their authentic self. This is done fully on the clients terms, but at times as the counsellor I may explore elements that you have not realised about yourself.



I have never attended counselling what should I expect?

As a counsellor I aim to create a friendly, warm environment for us to build a professional relationship in which you feel able to open up about what is going on for you or the things you feel you may like to explore during our sessions.

What is Person Centred Counselling?

It is based upon theories from Carl Rogers that every human has an innate drive within them to be the best version of themselves. This type of counselling can often be interpreted incorrectly, however so many of my clients describe their thirst to be truly heard and voice that these sessions truly allow this need to be met finally. It does not mean there is no direction, it is about you as the client deciding your own path and me as the counsellor being with you on the journey along that path. 

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