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Person Centred Counsellor
Darley Dale, Derbyshire

Person centred counselling places you, the client, at the centre and heart of our sessions together. Whilst I am a trained counsellor you are the expert in your feelings, emotions and life, therefore you will take me on your journey and I am simply here to support and empathise with you along that journey. My passion really is about providing a safe space for people to feel heard, believed and understood. The magic of listening and truly being fully present with a client, allows me to see the fog lift for so many clients and allows them to rediscover themselves again. Or for some to discover their true authentic self for the first time. By creating time each week for you and your true feelings you can learn more about yourself than ever before. 

Whilst you are the expert for some it can help to know that I have either personal or professional experience with Chronic Illness, being a Parent or Carer, Domestic Abuse, Bereavement, Shame and Body image as the wider impacts that these can have upon individuals. Finding the right therapist for you that you feel comfortable with is a crucial part of the process so if you have any questions don't hesitate in contacting me.

I am not going to sugar coat this though, counselling can be a dark difficult place for many and can feel uncomfortable at times. Let's face it, as humans we all like to escape from difficult feelings sometimes, but remember you are not alone in that darkness.

The world can often feel lonely even though your life is filled with people and often people do not feel heard or listened to. Our sessions give you a safe comfortable space to simply, be heard in a non judgemental confidential way.

Some clients may wonder if Person Centred Counselling is just someone sitting and listening. However for me it is about hearing a person and understanding or recognising things they are saying but may not notice or be fully aware of themselves. Further to this by the counsellor being curious about topics a client avoids it can help them to discover parts of their life or personality they may have never explored before. Being Person Centred keeps the client as the focus not others in their life and can really help the client gain clarity about themselves, their coping mechanisms, behaviours and emotions.


One to one in person 50 minute sessions
One to one online video call 50 minute sessions

Sessions can either be in person within my own private counselling space, where there is easy parking right outside.

Or if you would prefer we can do online video call sessions. In addition we can take our sessions out into nature and do some walk and talk therapy enjoying our natural surroundings. For many being outdoors with nature can help them to relax and feel more connected to the world around them. If this is something that interests you we can discuss during our first call. 

Once you have reached out to book some sessions I will arrange a time to call for an initial 30 minute phone call, this will give you opportunity to ask any questions you may have and for me to gather some information. This phone call will be free of charge. 

During this call we will arrange sessions at a time that suits you that will occur the same time each week for 50minutes at the cost of £50 which is to be paid 48 hours before each session.




Counselling Room

I understand how important it is to have a safe space to discuss personal matters. At Trish Buckner Counselling, I aim to provide a comfortable and confidential environment, where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings. My counselling practice is dedicated to helping you navigate through any challenges you may face. Everyone deserves a place to be able explore their feelings and what is really going on for them.


Contact Me

Reaching out can be the toughest step for many and it can often be about timing, therefore please contact me via email to allow you 24 hours each day for you to reach out. I will respond as soon as I can usually within 7 days. If you would prefer to call you can do this leaving me a voicemail with a way to contact you and suitable times to contact you.


07435 661088

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